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Hi Pilots,

A new portion of the internal working flow information arrived.


Tests are done today by the developers, now its turn of the volunteers to make a few quests upload and test it + translate the documentation.

How many of you would make new quests or maybe even mods? And what is the best place to post documentation (where you would be able to edit or comment some moments you don’t understand)? Our suggestion is a wiki.

Art – Animation

The art team is working on the 3d models of the 3 ship. At the current moment on the chassis animation.

Also, our guys made art of the new researching base, 3d models will be later.

Plus new avatars

Spoiler – no comments from us – you can write your ideas with what it will be connected.


Shaders designers fixed and optimized a lot of objects, rewrote water effects and many other sings. Next update will be much more stable than current one.


Would you participate stream with our tester to ask questions and give your suggestion about the game?

P.S. As usual, recommend our game to your friends leave reviews in steam and enjoy the game

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