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Hi Pilots,

Thank you all for the support, reports, and suggestions. We are continuing to tell you about game development.

Passenger issue

Has been fixed and it’s available now.


We finally found the problem. Game consumed a lot of memory, because of Unity engine. We contacted them, they knew about the issue in their system, but they can not fix it. Also, we made research how to make the game more stable and figure out there are a lot of objects which is not optimized for the game and its consume memory as well. So now we are testing every part of the game, searching unoptimized object. At the end game will be more stable and FPS will increase.

Art – new concepts

Our art team made a concept of the 4 ship and let us represent the potential look of the Condor – the biggest ship in the game so far.

Next step is to create a concept of the animals.


The sound producer made a radio conversation, it been implemented in the testing version of the game and next update are going to make the game more alive.


IT’s almost done. We need to test it with the volunteers and translate all instructions. Meantime you can collect ideas what kind of quests and storyline you would make.


We are looking for French and Turkish native speakers to help us with the translations.
Special Thank you to Chris Hansen, he helped with the Danish. It will be proofread and added to the game soon.

P.S. The discount week almost over, and we will launch landing contest in few days. You will be able to challenge developers and get some prizes.

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